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A couple of months back now we had the pleasure of inviting Florence Swift and Alice Browning into our community of movement Enthusiasts. 

Alice is a Yoga Teacher based in Sydney, with the intention to encourage and inspirer others to forge a deeper connection with their bodies, which in turn facilitate a stronger bond with their emotional and energetic bodies. 

Alice say’s “ Yoga, in all its forms, creates a union between what we view as our separate skins, we form a deeper understanding to the knowledge that we are whole and that through very relatable experiences, our human encounters, changes, loss, break ups and breakdowns, our biography becomes our biology”. 

An authentic teacher, their shares her passion from the heart, drawing on her personal experience in this life and helping others to reflect on theirs. 

It’s with pleasure that we welcome Alice to the team. You can expect to see her writings from the heart, shared here on our blog. Stay tuned for some insights from this beauty. 

Florence is our second current ambassador, with a love for yoga, food and a lot of coffee! We connected with Florence was on our trip to Bali last year while finishing her teaching training. Our life ethos and outlook for D U L A R I resonated with Florence. From then on we have collaborated together. 

Florence is amazing food recipe creator, smoothie maker and all round solid human being. Together we hope to encourage and inspire people to be their best self, to be healthy, happy, authentic and most of all to enjoy life. 

If you want to share in their journey on social media you can follow Florence @swift_eats and Alice @igniteyoga_ali 


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