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Meet Danielle Kling, the health queen and yogi from Hawaii

Danielle is a ethereal queen, with long mermaid locks and persona that radiates happiness and authencity. The magic of social media connected DULARI with Danielle, with mutual respect for the each others respective ambitions and message they were trying to convey to the world. Social media can at times be shallow, portraying a non-reality as reality. What drew us to Danielle was her ability to transcend that, showing individuality, charisma and a genuine passion for healthy living and Yoga.


Collaboration with like minded people is how we grow and connect in this new digital age. Helping to foster new ideas of community, lifestyle and even business. 
It’s with the upmost pleasure that we are able to see our Yoga apparel on mermaids half way across the globe, at home with like minded souls who are striving to be the best possible version of themsleves and as result impacting upon the world in a fundamentally soulful and positive manner. DULARI thrives to align itself to those peace warriors that are leading the way through lived experience. We thrive to be more then an apparal brand, but rather our apparal standing for underlying core values of community, connection and peaceful growth and development of self. 
 It is with absolute joy that we introduce you to Danielle Kling, the health fairy from Hawaii who’s livid experience captured our attention and I am sure will cpature yours! 

Hi Danielle, lets start with what got you into yoga?

I had been going to the gym and had been really into fitness for a while but I had not really tried any group classes. I bumped into a friend from college that I hadn't seen in a while at a party (which I never really go out -- so it was fate) and he told me he was teaching yoag classes and a place called Core Power! He told me I could try his class for free, so I went a few days later and I fell in love with the feeling that yoga gave me. I used to be a gymnast, so it was something that naturally clicked for my body. 

And how important is an active lifestyle to you? 

An active lifestyle is very important to me, I think more than anything health is the most valuable thing to invest in. Being active to me can mean just be going on a hike or getting outside. Anything activities that get me out of the house and off my phone! I think it's so important to find activities you are passionate about (yoga is definitely my favorite) because that's what makes life exciting!

What do you feel the greatest benefit of yoga is?  

I think the spiritual connection between body and mind. Being able to move in ways that feel good to you, not comparing yourself to others, and learning/ growing every class. I think the intentions and kind words that are subconsciously poured into your mind during class are so beneficial in changing the way you think about yourself and view others. The studio is a safe, positive zone that you can always come back to to reset.

What attracted you to Dulari?

Honestly, great vibes and intention. I stumbled across the Dulari insta before they had launched any yoga wear and I saw the effort they put into their feed and how beautifully it flowed, so I knew that their active line would be just as beautiful... and it was. All the conversations back and fourth right down to the packaging was on point. I think its important to wear yoga outfits that make you feel confident and vibrant because if you feel good, you look good :) I am so excited to be working with a brand that is so intuned to their customers 

How do you share your passion with the world?

Right now, I am using instagram and my blog (www.fitfairhy.com) to spread my passion of yoga and adapting a healthy lifestyle through veganism. I strive everyday to inspire others to chose healthier food options and to get active! 


Danielle social media pages are an amazing source of inspiration, you will find all things health related along with picturesque secenery of the beautiul Island Hawaii. DULARI is immensely proud to have Danielle as an ambassador and tribe member. 

If your interested in being featured on DULARI yoga blog, please Email us at dulariyoga@gmail.com


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