About Us

The human body is a miraculous and beautiful thing. Through dynamic and embodied movement our relationships, along with our personal potential starts to expand. 

D U L A R I  was born out of the desire to enhance the grace and fluidity of movement, with aesthetics that tap into our relationship with the natural world or emotions we encounter through personal experience. 

D U L A R I endeavours to make your outer world more vibrant, so that your inner world can be to. 

Kunti & Ryan are the duo behind D U L A R I. Kunti is a local teacher and student of yoga based on the Gold Coast. You can catch her in a class at Boheme & Body. Ryan is her side-kick and general life organiser. 

D U L A RI was born from a geniune passion, compassion and a desire to offer quality movement wear and their love of yoga with community. We hope you find as much love in these products as we do. 


Move with grace in D U L A R I